Key design features stabilise the biology and water chemistry of the Natural Pool.

This balanced ecosystem cleans the water itself by circulating large volumes of the pool water through a regeneration zone. This regeneration zone plays the important role of controlling Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) levels in the pool.

The regeneration zone consists of 2 parts, one section where aquatic plants, such as reeds, filter out micro organisms and a second section where the water is allowed to be re-oxygenated.


The more oxygen in the water, the more beneficial micro-organisms will be able to process nutrients and destroy harmful pathogens. The effective use of reed beds in the treatment of waste water is now widely used on an industrial scale.

Filtration and vacuuming is still required to deal with natural occurring silt.

There are many public pools in Austria and Germany where these pools meet stringent EU health and water quality standards. The effect of non-chlorinated water on the skin is amazing not to mention providing longer term health and environmental benefits.